7 things to help you realize your CAT’s true love for sure

If you consider your furry feline creatures as a part of your family, you’re in good hands. Although they are pretty unpredictable creatures, they are the most loving pets of all. They are skittish, outgoing, find ownership of their humans, spontaneous, and most of all, adorably affectionate if you know how to read them. Cats are more often than not, deemed a little aloof compared to other pets. But you can track your cat’s behaviour and get to understand them a little better.

Even though your cat can’t speak you can access their behaviour by these simple signs.

1.      The Kiss

If your cat slowly blinks his eyes once, stares at you, then blinks again slowly. It’s sign that your cat loves. This manner of affection is equivalent of a kiss and is considered the highest form of affection from the cat. It’s also one of the easiest forms of affection to understand for humans. Feline experts believe that this manner of blinking is also a sign of cat’s approval for your love and his happiness and appreciation towards you

2.      The Head Knead

When your cat uses its paws to knead a soft space such as your lap or stomach, it pushes in and out against a soft surface, it is considered as his way of expression of love towards you.

PetMD says, “If a cat is curled up and kneading your lap the moment one is petting him, he’s reciprocates the affection by telling you he loves you right back. Unfortunately, this can be quite painful, since the happier he is, the stronger he’ll push in with his sharp nails.”

It is recommended that to ease the part receiving this kneading one should place a thick, soft cushion between your lap and the cat. This action can also look like a massage on your lap by the cat. Enjoy this feeling, it is telling you how much it loves you.

3.      The Tail Conundrum

The tail is the part of the cat which is used to balance the cat and its posture. This part is also a sign pool which can give you an insight into the metaphorical heart of the cat. Your kitty expresses its feeling of ecstasy and warm feelings by fluffing out the base of their tails while shyly shaking them as if vibrating. At the same time, they hold their tails upright with a small curve at the top.”

If they keep this tail curved that, is sometimes construed as the happy dance of tail. This tail like a boat’s mast is also considered as your kitty’s thumbs up in human analogy.

4.      The Purring

There are two ways in which a kitty purrs, soft as if it is sighing or as loud as a motor. The purr is a cat’s tool. It is no less than a rhythmic song sung beneath her fur is notoriously known as a sign of kitty contentment. An expert states that a purr extreme ways of a cat show affection for their one human. The purr is a cat’s very initial feelings, a vibration, and pleasing sound that says I am in Nirvana. Nervous purrs are also a thing, but then you can always look for other attesting signs to make sense of the cat’s behaviour.

5.      The Stalking Cat

Even in humans stalking however wrong, is considered as a form of affection. But for cat’s its of the best ways to show that they can’t live without you. Cat’s sleep with their humans, they follow them around, and even watch them like a spy from far away. They will find the right angle to curl up in your bed beside you.

6.      A Cat’s Gift

Cats don’t play fetch like dogs. And a cat lover will tell you they don’t, because they’ve got class. They will usually bring you gifts. From toys to mice, from frogs to bugs, they are hunters and feel pride in presenting you with the prize of the feat they have achieved.

7.      The Nipping Cat

A cat’s teeth are sharp. They aren’t a pleasure when they nip at your fingers. But rest assured experts believe they are a sign of extreme love. A cats expression of love in this manner can be a bit painful, but they even do that with each other, granted their skin is tougher. But if it happens to you, feel happy and pain, because they love you.


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