Burning off weight, Free of cost.

While you live in your long storeyed flats and offices sitting in front of your laptops hoping to shed off some weight with no time to do so, there are those who make no extra effort and still keep fit as a fiddle.

Technology and ease of transportation, with buses, tubes, and cars has made a precarious and unwilling to stay fit. There is a very simple solution to this dilemma. Find ways to tweak your tasks one step at a time. For instance, using stair climbing for weight loss, a motivating factor with one little alteration in your lifestyle.

The key aspect is to melt it into your routine and forget about it. For pondering too much on results, in the beginning, can be discouraging and you might end up burning yourself out way before you start seeing some results. Using stair climbing for weight loss, helps you burns substantial calorie count. About 266 calories can be burnt in a 30-minute stair climbing session, it tones your calf muscles and rectifies your posture.

If you’re an equation loving person, try this on for a size. On an average, you consume 1600 calories a day, and your sedentary lifestyle burns off about 1000 calories every day, you deposit 600 calories in your calorie savings, and these aren’t the good kind. They get converted into fat or lethargy.

The heavier you are the faster you burn

Since stair climbing for weight loss is an activity which requires working against gravity, which apparently is available everywhere, it’s efficient, effective, and apparently with the least excusable of all the forms of exercises. Gravity is variable, for a heavier person its intensity is higher and will thus affect them more than a lighter person. So if you were wondering that you’re heavier and will have a hard time with this set of an exercise, even that reasoning has been thrown out of the window.

Exercise alone cannot help any individual, and when I say this, what I mean is consuming less toxic and heavy diets in short span of time. Eat less for more number of times in a day. Simply put, if you consume 3 meals a day, increase 5 meals a day with the heaviest meal in the morning as your breakfast, and decrease the amount of food in the consecutive meals after that. Water is another essential part of this new lifestyle, consume at least 3-4 liters of water every day, it even helps you get rid of toxins!

Climbing Stairs For Weight Loss, Where do I do it?

If you’re looking to climb and need a list of places you can do that. We’ll even help you with finding stairs. Shopping centers, tubes, bridges, schools, parks, flats, offices, et. al. are just to name a few. If you can club it with walking, or jogging to crank it up a notch, nothing better than that. So the next time when you’re presented with an escalator, an elevator, or a flight of stairs, you choose stairs, because you’ll have a hard time denying results once you’ve started.


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