Why would you want to Invest in UAE?

Before the beginning of any business, there are a few factors you need to keep in mind. Geography is on the top of that list. There is a parameter which rates this phenomenon called ‘Ease of doing Business’. And Dubai Business Services ranks pretty high up there on the list.

Ease of Doing Business

Let me extol the virtues of The World Bank report which says that Dubai ranks 1 on a scale of Taxes for business. For all means and purposes, taxes are one of the biggest expenses a company incurs. Next in line is infrastructure and electricity permits. Where Dubai is ranked fourth. Looking at these parameters it’s a geographic goldmine to use Dubai Business Services.

In middle eastern countries UAE, occupies the top spot in ease of doing business, followed by Bahrain and Oman. Especially in terms of infrastructure, Dubai is a hotspot for investors in property. With its grandeur tourism and infrastructures like Burj Khalifa, it attracts, even more, organizations to start building businesses there. It is a commercial hub for 3.5 billion lives, including Indian Subcontinent, Africa, and Middle Eastern countries. This covers about forty percent of the world’s population. Even more so since the Brexit announcement more and more firms are looking to move to Dubai.

Developing Dubai

There is quite a few mega project ongoing in Dubai which invites more and more population and in turn more need for infrastructure and Dubai Business Services to cater to these requirements. The amount of money for these projects before the Expo 2020 is north of 316 billion dollars. Ease of business increases because of the rental benefits provided by the UAE geography. The return rate for properties is as high as 7-10 percent per annum and loans as low as 4 percent, which gives quite the competition to its neighboring countries.

In crude terms of investment even if you’re borrowing money in form of loans, you stand to make an average profit of 6 percent per annum. Dubai even houses the large portion of service sector which constitutes the non-oil benefits of the GDP, catering to sectors like hospitality, storage, transport, and Dubai Business Services. Business is attractive for any investor when they generate revenue, and UAE is just the place for a person who wants to grow as the geography provides the right set of tools. All you need is a strong business plan and growth plan to scale heights.


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