Personal Grooming & What It Means For You?

Personal grooming is one of the ways you keep yourself presentable. It’s a part of a character trait, the way you present yourself, the way you carry yourself in a certain environment. Frankly speaking these days, grooming has become akin to therapy. That is one of the reasons most spas offer hairdressing, washing, along with other conventional massage and relaxation treatments. Hair grooming, nose or on your head, is a feeling of calm in itself because one less thing to worry about while you’re out partying or on a date with your possible future someone. You won’t score brownie points by showing up tardy and un-groomed, whichever sex you are. Some people are always conscious about how they are dressed in their interview, they keep correcting their hair, straightening their tie, cleaning shoes on the back of their pants, adjusting the bridge of specks on the nose, etc. It’s a proven fact that growth of hair in places like ears and nose increases with age. That is precisely why you need a safe, easy to use the trimmer.

Before I extol the virtues of technical details of trimmers for your benefit, let me help you kill a few myths. Nose and ear hair grow with age for both men and women. The growth in one’s nose and ear hair doesn’t increase you trim them more frequently. Even if it irritates you some amount of nose hair is required to keep the pollutants at bay. Some people are seen cauterizing their nose hair as a permanent solution. Let me tell you, you’re inviting unhealthy lifestyle for foreseeable future. There won’t be any blockades for toxins out in the atmosphere where already a lot of climate change conversation is worrying people about the polluted air and health issues that follow them. So try to find a solution that is hassle free and keeps your irritation of nose hair at bay without having to get rid of biological natural mechanism to protect your body from harm.

As someone once said, nose and ear hair are a sign that youth has left them behind. It’s something every man or woman would want to avoid. And that is the reason you’re here to follow through on grooming and to get to know how to better equip yourself before you click on the buy button and get a unit of the trimmer and it’s accessories in a neat packaging.

How nose hair trimmer works?

Now that you know the importance of grooming. There are a few things you’d be curious before you set your hands on a trimmer. The primary one being its utility, method of use, and working mechanism. Let’s find some of the amazon’s best nose hair trimmers and why using them isn’t a hassle. The nasal cavity is one of the delicate parts of our face and hence no space to show lax of safety. A rotating or stationary blade in the nose sounds scary, but technology has advanced to equip us to have made this experience extremely safe with safety caps that don’t even touch the skin while removing unwanted nose and ear hair.

Sometimes it gets extremely annoying to find out that you have hair sticking out of your nose. For some, it’s a sign that they’re aging and it isn’t an experience one is expecting at any point of time in their lives. To avoid this dilemma, technology has given us the gift of removing these unwanted bits of our hair from ears, nose or eyebrows, using a single device. The mechanism of a nose hair trimmer allows the hair to get enter between the blades, straight or rotary and clip them, while the safety cap is on, which allows it to be the safest of all the options available to groom your nose or ear hair. There are scissors, clippers, tweezers, waxing, and well trimmers to perform this activity. Of which I’m sure you’ll now agree that trimmers are the safest and most efficient of them all, considering their price and long term use.

Nostril hair trimmers are used to trim unwanted hair from the nasal passage and the hair around the exterior portion of the ears. The key thing to keep in mind is the blades coming in contact with the hair near the exterior portion, which are apparently visible as they grow out. Just the right amount of hair to be trimmed with just the right instrument because these organizations have made painstaking efforts to make a variety of products to suit your requirements in just the right amount!

Panasonic ER430K has a rotary blade system which can give you satiating experience with its rotary motion and efficient trimming. It rids you of irritating extra growth of tuft in your nasal cavity with a swift motion with only enough hair to protect you from pollutants. It has a double AA battery slot with vacuum system to ensure that your strays aren’t flying around in your nose after you’ve clipped them off.

Philips Norelco NT9130 comes with two separate shaving heads and a few more attachments for your comfort. While the smaller head takes care of deeper inside the nasal cavity, the larger head takes care of the tuft of hair outside your nose and ears. Apart from being portable Philips offers a way to clean this device under water allowing the user to ease the hassle of time spent on cleaning the product.

Remington NE3560 Men’s Travel Touch Up Groomer will satisfy all your needs and if they are anything close to more utility, then you’ll love the comfort of being able to trim or cut your facial, ear and nasal hair without any pain or hair pulling. And, of all the trimmers filtered, one that managed to shine was Remington NE3560 Men’s Travel Touch Up Groomer, which provides the most amazing experience for the most unwanted task of most men’s day.

Panasonic ER-GN30-K is the fastest of them all. With a vortex cleaning system, you can single-handedly groom yourself to the maximum efficiency. Setting up this one isn’t a pain as this one is quick and on the go.

Panasonic ER417K is a cordless device made of stainless steel. With amazon’s fast shipping and reasonable range, this one leaves no trace of hair either in or around your nose. The handling and comfort of 417 are made so ergonomic that it reduces efficiency responsibility of the user.

Difference between use of trimmers and scissors

As we all know the nasal hair has a biological purpose of removing harmful pollutants from the air we breathe. So if you’ve ever wondered of removing all your nasal hair, let me tell you that isn’t a good health move. But an excess of anything isn’t what we need or want. Hence we willingly or unwillingly choose the option to get rid of the extra hair growth.

Now you might think what are ways of removing nasal hair efficiently, effectively, and in a safe affordable manner? You need a find sweet balance between these things. There are special nose hair scissors available in the market. But I would advise you not to use garden variety common scissors as they could seriously injure the insides of your cavity. But using scissors will require you to be more dexterous at your job of clipping.

Next in line are tweezers. They are an even more difficult form of removing unwanted nose hair. They have a slanted edge and hence require even more skill to clip of hair. Then you also run the risk of pulling one of your nose hair, which is an extremely painful and daunting situation. Experts ask people who use tweezers to keep ice cubes handy to numb the pain. There is also waxing but I’d suggest if tweezers aren’t on your list, choosing to wax is a far cry.

Waxing is one of the best ways of removing hair. It gives a smooth clean surface for quite some time. But at what cost? You will have to undergo a much more painful and complicated process of removing hair to make your nasal passage clutter free for a few weeks. Hot wax on your face and pulled hair off your nose wouldn’t be preferred over something which can be taken care of by a whisker of electronic or non-electronic machinery.

That is the reason most people would choose to buy the best nose hair trimmer on the market that suits their needs, even if it’s a little pricier affair than the ones listed above. To use a hair trimmer is the safest of all the solutions. With a trimmer, you can control the level of hair you trim because you do not want to get rid of it all. Or avoid the risk of poking yourself in the nose, breaking skin with a sharp end of tweezers or scissors digging around in your nose.

What to check when buying a nose hair trimmer?

Lighting, you can look for a nose hair trimmer that has a built in light or LED. That would help you better look and maneuver your way around your nasal cavity. Functions in a trimmer are another aspect you should look at. Before buying any nose hair trimmer, you must think about your use, need, and functions you must have in your device. Some devices you’ll need to move around for the blades to reach the nose hair, some of them have vacuum along with blades, others have rotating blades that will help reduce your movement of the trimmer.

Safety is the most important thing you should look for in a trimmer because essentially you’re trying to avoid the hassle that a pair of scissors creates during this activity. Try to find something that can avoid roping in the sensitive nasal membranes of your nose. For most trimmers have blade protection built in and isn’t something you should worry about, but its still on top of the checklist when you’re out there searching for your perfect fit.

Vacuum is just another function that can reduce your hassle of either cleaning your dressing table or just reducing the effort to remove the remnants of your hair after you’ve clipped them off your nose. Sometimes after trimming nose hair, you’ll have to blow your nose and live with a ticklish sensation for the aftermath of the trimming is bits of hair dancing around in your nose with no release. Vacuum is a solution to get rid of those small bits of hair.

The battery is another aspect you would want to look at. There is no point in buying a trimmer where you’ll continuously need changing of double AA batteries every now and then because its utility requires it to use more energy in a short span of time.

Design, if you’re looking for something basic this part is probably of least importance, but for some people, the design is as important as anything else, they come with bends, angled differently to ease the reach inside the nose or ears. Since most people prefer buying but not getting into the hassle of it, even if you do buy something that you don’t like, even the best nose hair trimmers are pretty cheap especially if you buy them off websites like Amazon and such.

There are a lot of customers who want to experience something that they can handle in their hand to ensure ease of movement as they remove their nose hair, smaller devices sometimes fail to provide the necessary grip or hold on a trimmer these people need.

How to choose the best nose hair trimmer in the market?

The best way to the best nose hair trimmer on the market is to realize your needs and wants from the device. For one thing, it’s a myth that trimming hair increases the growth of nose or ear hair. So if your use is a little more frequently than not, you will require a mostly smooth, safe, sleek, and quick device. Choosing a hair trimmer is no rocket science, but for obvious reasons, you must look for the utility of the product as one of its first requirements.

Nose hair is thick, sticky, menacing, and distracting for anyone, Since the inside of your nose is a moist place, it isn’t exactly like beard grooming. An average person grows about six feet of hair from one follicle of their nose. Studies show that more men than women forget to groom their nose hair, for women are more inclined towards grooming since before nasal hair present themselves in men of late 20s or 30s.

Sort your needs in three parts, features, ability and battery, and lastly price.

For instance, Panasonic ER430 is one of the best available on the market. Quick and painless. No pulling or tugging or hair, no sneezing or ticking while trimming. And AA powered device perfect for portable use.

There are some devices like Philips Norelco NT9130 that are also meant to clean and groom your ears and eyebrows along with your nose hair. It’s quiet and fast. It has the ability to get neck and sideburns.

There are some trimmers made specifically for women but they do a better job at disguising themselves as bottle than at conventional trimming activities. But they do get the job done, so if that’s what you prefer you can definitely have a look at the small range Panasonic offers there.

Buying guide for the best nose hair trimmer

In search of your perfect match? Here is a buying guide for you.

Portable or Manual

Looking for the battery and its duration is extremely important. Some trimmers come with no option to recharge and run out of batteries soon before you’d want them to. Since trimmers are an inexpensive endeavor you will probably have an easier time spending but it’s not just about the cost but about use and utility in the need of the hour. Some trimmers come with a rechargeable battery but for some reason nose trimmer manufacturers thought better of them and made trimmers without rechargeable batteries, so you’ll have a hard time find them like you’d find beard trimmers.

While looking for trimmers you can also look at the placement of trimmers on your tables while they aren’t in use. Some come with horizontal stands and others with vertical. Portable needn’t necessarily mean small and easy to move around it just means that the device can be carried around and used with the help of a battery.

Ear and Nose Blade type

You will need to find yourself the best fit of the blade. There are a few options out there. Trimming motors are unilateral, rotating, rotating with vacuum suction, a beard trimming motor if you have a thick tuft or large amount of hair, where a rotary one would find occasional use. With blade types, it’s essential for some people who are allergic to some metals to look for hypoallergenic blades. Yes, there is an option in some trimmers which are made of stainless steel which falls under the hypoallergenic quality spectrum.

Are you a traveling person?

You might want to think about a portable one as mentioned above. These trimmers come in cases which are small and have different parts and functions. So a portable device would bode well for a person on the move, who’d definitely prefer to pack a little lighter at least when it comes to the grooming department. The bag can hold trimmers, blades, safety cap, extra set of batteries, brush, et. al. There are trimmers which aren’t designed to be carried around in a small portable bag. So while choosing trimmers you can also look for multi-utility trimmer kits which include both beard and nose trimmers with several blades and covers.

Cleaning of the trimmers

Some trimmers are made so that they can be put under running waters to clean heads, or even used while in the shower with their entire unit having no problem in water. But some have the hassle of being cleaned either using a brush or by hand which might make it a little more effortful and increases the amount of care you need to take while cleaning to avoid cuts and bruises on your hand while cleaning the device.


How much are you ready to dish out on your device? While there are some models you’d fall in love with but the best way to decide is find the right set of functions you need. However going miser on trimmers isn’t the best way to pick one. You’d want to think about your minimum needs and then go on from there.

The new Philips NT5175 replacing 9130 will do the trick for you. It takes care of nose hair, ear hair, sideburns along with neck and stray beard if that’s what you’re looking for. The blades are sharp chromium and surrounded by skin safeguard to protect the insides of your nose from getting pricked or clipped. The battery life before it needs changing is about a hundred hours which is quite above average.

Panasonic ER430 is another one which will suit your purposes. This one comes with the spoken about vacuum system which helps you clean out the hair that you’ve clipped saving you the hassle of blowing air or manually going in for the save. The metal is hypoallergenic and shaped in the best possible way to reach inside and clean close to the skin without any harm to insides of your nose. Since this one uses rotary blades you may find yourself going in several times to get all of the hair you need to remove. It’s product that is water resistant so you can run it under a tap or clean in the shower easy.

Andis Fast Trim is another option which is one you must have imagined when you thought of hair trimmers. This one uses rotary blades and isn’t suitable for eyebrows whatever the packaging might say. But it does the job perfectly for nose trimming. The blades are rust resistant and surgical stainless steel so they can be washed under a tap, but just the blades, not the entire device.

Groommate Platinum XL is one of the sleekest looking trimmers on the market. It’s a manual run trimmer, so portability is out of the question, but the efficiency is comparable to that of a battery powered unit. The rotary blades are made of stainless steel and ensure smooth and safe after the trim experience. Being extremely small this trimmer is said to fit in a pocket and can be carried around with apparent ease.

Remington MPT 3600 comes with two blades. Both optimized for precision, and best of performance in a trimmer. It is one of the smallest units in the market in size and quite comfortable for a quick trim of ears and nose on the go. One of the customer experiences goes so far that they settled on Remington after use of 5 trimmers, and his only advice was to purchase a trimmer with good electrical contact points.

There are a lot of customers who have been unhappy with the experience of some of the trimmers available online but the best part about purchasing trimmers is the mid or median ranges aren’t that high and quite affordable not to burn a hole in your wallet. But since you’re here you can ensure that even your first experience is tailor made to suit your experience of using a trimmer for the longest possible time.

How to make the best use of your trimmer?

Nose hair trimmers are a bother. But nose hair exists to trap bacteria, toxins, pollutants and other pollens which can’t be seen by naked eyes. You absolutely need to avoid them. But still, a mane of hair come out your nose is the most unpleasant experience. Too much of anything is a pain.

Ensure that you’re standing in front of a mirror with enough light before you begin using a trimmer. Tilt your head back to have a proper look at what you’ll be dealing with before you begin. Mind the type of blade of your trimmer because it will ensure your effort and skill in using the trimmer to best remove the maximum amount of hair leaving just what is necessary. Clean the hair from the trimmer after use. Proper care of storage is essential for the long life of trimmer. To find the best use of trimmer you have to know your nose and ear hair growth if you need a waterproof or normal nose hair trimmer which would do the trick for you. For a thicker tuft of hair, you must choose a straight blade for rotary blades would require repetition and aren’t meant for thicker hair. For a quick and thinner hair type rotation, blades would ease the use and quicken the time taken to get the job done.

How often should you use it? Well, it’s best to nip it in the bid when it becomes visible and starts irritating your nose and eyes, they aren’t pleasant to look at either.

There are several nose hair trimmers tailor made for even gender specific use.

Panasonic ER-GN25VP is a tailor-made device for the ladies. Women do get nose hair if you were wondering otherwise. Panasonic the king, or queen apparently in nose hair trimmers has come up with one, especially for the ladies. The design is made in a way which can subtly be hidden in a bag women carry. The make is such that it looks like a bottle shaped perfume or some such thing which can easily fool someone’s weather eye.

Wahl 5546 is a second best to Panasonic. It includes a light. It does what every basic trimmer does but with a light.

How long will it take to charge the hair trimmer?

Depending on the battery specification a quick charge of three minutes will enable you to use it for a minute. It usually takes about an hour to charge the trimmer. Li-on batteries don’t need to be fully charged before use, so a partial charging is fine too. Try charging at moderate temperatures. Try to keep the battery charged, a fully discharged battery will damage the life of the battery.

Should trimmers be used while they are being charged?

For one there are hardly any nose trimmers that are chargeable. Even the best of nose trimmers available are equipped with AA batteries that need to be replaced. For if you do manage to find a trimmer that is chargeable like most beard trimmers. It is inadvisable to use the trimmer while it’s charging to prevent from getting shocks. Though wired trimmers are different. Since most batteries are li-on charging for short durations shouldn’t be a problem as they are meant to be recharged frequently for shorter spans of time. Ensure to recharge fully once when new.


  1. What are the best conditions to use hair trimmers?
  2. Ensure ample light to see where you’re clipping or trimming to avoid clipping or any injuries to your skin.
  3. How should I move the trimmer around?
  4. Tilt your head back while inserting the head of the trimmer to fit it well and smooth inside your nasal cavity
  5. What is cleaning instructions to use the trimmer?
  6. Usually, trimmers can be cleaned with a dry cloth or just by blowing air on the blades. Some of them are water resistant which you can run under a faucet to clean them quickly.
  7. Will charging multiple times affect the battery life of my trimmer?
  8. No. On the contrary Li-on batteries are meant to be charged frequently.

Final Verdict

It’s inadvisable to use scissors in this day and age as in rush of our humdrum lives we’re bound to have a little haste. A lax on grooming safety could cost us some injury or skin membrane damage inside the nose, which is apparently a very delicate part of our body. While selecting any trimming device to ensure that you’re getting the best of functionality that you need at the best possible price and durability.

With rotating blades, you might get a much smoother cut but you’ll have to go a few rounds before you achieve that. With straight blades, you’ll be able to cut deeper with a single round of trimming but you’ll have to move the device around in your nose to ensure you’ve cleaned every bit as required by your comfort level.

Good grooming is important, and so is the device you use to keep yourself sleek and clean. Ensure that you protect and store the device in the best possible manner


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